In this Tutorial, we are going to teach to create a Bohemian Twist Braid, a style which is common with celebrities such as Nicole Richie, Lauren Conrad and Kim Kardashian.

The key to our Bohemian Twist Braid is starting with Smooth Hair. To achieve a Smooth Blowdry, make sure you have a high quality Hairdryer and a Boar/Nylon Blowdry Brush and then watch our Blowdry Smooth Tutorial for all of the Tips and Techniques!

In only 5 minutes, you will have learned some simple techniques, that will turn your hair from drab to fab when you next go outAnd after you watch our Video, if you want Step by Step written instructions, refer below.

And after you watch our Video, if you want Step by Step written instructions, refer below:


  • Before we get started on creating our Bohemian Twist, if you have curly hair, it is important that you smooth it out.
  • If you need help achieving smooth hair, please refer to our Blowdry Your Hair Smooth Video Tutorial

Step 1 – Create a Zig Zag Part

  • Take the end of the tail comb along the scalp in a Zig Zag motion following the length of the head.
  • Use your index finger and thumb to divide the hair into half

  • Section one half away with a Section Clip

Step 2 – Start to Braid one side of head.

  • Take a triangular section of hair and divide into two.  Cross one section over the other a couple of times and twist to tighten.

  • Take an approximate 2cm section from the hairline, vertically to the zig zag part.
  • Take your new section of hair, combine it with the top original section and pull the other original section underneath to create tension

  • Continue to take 2cm sections from hairline to part and work them into the original sections.  Continue adding, twisting and pulling.
  • Continue working down to the nape.

  • When you run out of hair to gather, just twist the two sections around each other

  • When you reach the end, secure.

Step 3 – Start to Braid the opposite side of the head

  • Repeat the same process on the opposite side of your head

  • Remember section, add, twist, pull.

 Step 4 – Pin and Secure

  • Twist one braid to tighten and secure to the nape with a bobby pin

  • Repeat on the other side

  • Gather the two end pieces, push them under the braid and secure with bobby pins


Congratulations! You have created a Bohemian Twist Hair Braid!