Did you know that a fantastic Blowdry is as much about the tools/equipment that you use, as your technique? Watch carefully next time you have your hair blow-dried and you will see that hairdressers use a professional technique to make sure your hair looks great when you walk out the door. They all do it, from Rush Hair London to Jose Eber in Beverley Hills, this is a technique shared by all the experts. The good news is that this is a technique that you, too, can learn!

Would you like the secrets to achieving a Salon Quality Blowdry?

If you answered ‘yes’, to any of these questions, watch our Blowdry Video Tutorial, practice the techniques in the video and then let us know if the Tutorial helped!

And after you watch our Video, if you want Step by Step written instructions, refer below:

Our clients often leave our salon wondering how can they can recreate their “just left the salon” look at home. While you can’t beat the services you will get at a professional salon, you can certainly create a gorgeous look at home by following the tips and suggestions in our Blowdry Hair Smooth Video Tutorial.

This Instruction Sheet will provide you with the skills, techniques and pointers you’ll need for a straight blowdry so that you can recreate salon-quality hair in between treatments by the professional hair stylists at our salon.


Creating a fabulous, straight, smooth blowdry is as much about the tools that you use as the techniques that you apply. It’s important that you follow these rules:

  • Use a powerful hairdryer between 1800 and 2000 Watts. Make sure that your hairdryer comes with a nozzle.
  • Choose the right Boar Bristle Brush The bigger the brush is, the bigger the section of hair you can straighten, the straighter the effect, and the faster you will be able to blowdry your hair. The smaller the brush, the smaller the section of hair you are able to work with at a time, the more curl, and the longer it will take to blowdry.
  • Don’t wrap your hair in a towel as this will absorb too much moisture.

  • Ventilate your bathroom to eliminate all traces of steam.

  • Use the best products you can afford. Speak with your hair stylist for their recommendations. Ideally, you will need a hair protector and a serum to protect the ends.
  • Apply product evenly all over the head from roots to the end.
  • Apply product with your fingers, not your palms. This guarantees a more even distribution of the product and ensures that you are also able to massage product into the root areas so that you achieve nice root lift.

Section Your Hair

It is very important to clip the hair away that you are not using in order to keep the hair as moist as possible. If the hair starts to dry naturally, this will create frizz.

Step 1 – section horseshoe section on top of your head.

  • This section reaches from eye to eye and to the top of your brow line, and should not be wider than the width of your brush.

Step 2 – section from the top of the ear to ear.

  • Once again, ensure that the section is no wider than your brush. Clip the section away to keep the hair moist.

Step 3 – section from bottom of the ear to ear.

  • Again, make sure that the section is no wider than your brush. Clip the rest of the hair away.   Divide this bottom section in half.

Step 4 is only relevant if you have a fringe or bangs.

  • If you do have a fringe or bangs, blowdry the section now before it dries naturally and starts to frizz. Use a wrist motion to turn your brush as you blow dry so that you smooth this section of hair from the roots to the ends. The hair dryer should be in sync with the movement of the brush.

Step 5

  • Commence working on the very bottom ear to ear section of hair that was divided in half earlier.

Blowdry section using the methods described here:

  • Dry one section at a time.
  • Using your round brush, blow dry from the roots to the ends.
  • Be sure to create a strong foundation at the root area by getting it nice and dry.

  • Your hair dryer should be at a high setting and should be pointed down while drying from root to tip.

  • Once the roots are dry, start drying the middle portion by creating tension. To do this, twist your wrists and brush away from your scalp.
  • Next, do the same to the opposite side of the head.
  • When the hair begins to take on a beautiful shine it is close to dry.
  • After the hair is dry, gather the hair into one big section and begin to smooth it with the brush and blow dryer.
  • Your bottom section is now done!

Step 6

  • Begin working on the next ear to ear section divided away earlier.
  • Divide this section in half, and clip away the section that you are not using.

Blowdry using the same method described in Step 6, making sure that you:

  • dry root area first
  • then dry mid lengths
  • maintain tension with the brush
  • keep nozzle pointed down
  • twist brush away from the scalp
  • lean forward to brush hair to avoid arms getting tired

This section is now done!

Step 7

  • Begin working on the next ear to ear section.
  • Divide this section in half, and clip away the section that you are not using.
  • Treat this section like every other section making sure that you blow dry one side at a time.

Step 8

  • Crown Section – this is the first section you sectioned away.

  • Take a horizontal section no longer than your brush.

  • Overdirect hair to achieve body. In other words, blowdry hair over the front of your head instead of towards your back as you did with previous sections. This will create volume.

  • In order to get straight ends, alternate by drying over the brush and under the brush.
  • Tackle the last small section on the top, again, by drying from the roots to the ends.

Congratulations! You now have salon-quality, smooth, shiny, frizz-free hair!