The Ballerina Bun resurfaced after the hit movie Black Swan in early 2011.

The key to our Ballerina Bun is starting with Smooth Hair. To achieve a Smooth Blowdry, make sure you have a high quality hairdryer and a Boar/Nylon Blowdry Brush and then watch our Blowdry Smooth Tutorial for all of the Tips and Techniques!

There are of course tens of variations on Hair Buns and in particular, the Ballerina Bun but in our Hair Tutorial we are going to teach you how to create a Ballerina Bun in 5 Minutes.

This style of Hair Bun can be worn on the top of your head, the side of your head or lower down, towards the back nape.  You can also choose how big or small you want the bun the be.  Making it truly versatile.

The Ballerina Bun is a classic, chic look but its placement on your head can make it stylish or even sexy for different occasions.

Enjoy creating this simple, elegant look

And after you watch our Video, if you want Step by Step written instructions, refer below.


  • Before we get started on creating our Ballerina Bun, if you have curly hair, it is important that you smooth it out.
  • If you need help achieving smooth hair, please refer to our Blowdry Your Hair Smooth Video Tutorial

Step 1 – Secure a Ponytail

  • First we are going to create a secure ponytail
  • We do this by brushing the hair tightly back

  • Apply some lacquer for some extra hold

  • Secure with elastic

Step 2 – Backcomb to create Volume/Hold

  • Now take small sections and backcomb
  • We do this to create more volume and hold

Step 3 – Style the Ballerina Hair Bun

  • Now take manageable size sections, smooth hair from mid lengths to end

  • Once you smooth the small section out, turn the hair under with your fingers and secure with bobby pins

  • Continue process all the way around the head

Congratulations! You have created your Ballerina Bun!

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