If you suffer from acne breakouts and sensitive skin, you’ve probably experienced one of the most frustrating cycles of skin care: the more you try to cover up your acne, the more acne you have to cover up. Your makeup is actually aggravating your acne and hurting your sensitive skin. Using makeup to control an acne breakout and conceal those unsightly blemishes is perfectly okay, but you must make sure you are choosing makeup that doesn’t make the problem worse. Selecting the right cosmetics will go miles to making your acne breakouts fewer and farther between.

Avoid oil-based makeup

One of the best things you can do for your skin is choosing water-based, hypo allergenic makeup and moisturizers. You should also avoid anything that is oil-based. Heavy makeup that adds to the oil in your skin will not only cause more acne breakouts, but it will also aggravate your sensitive skin. Make sure that even if the makeup you choose doesn’t have oil in it, it also does not contain synthetics that mimic oils in the way the provoke breakouts. Other ingredients to avoid include lanolins, coal tar, and coal tar derivatives.

The label non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic will signal to you that the cosmetic is designed to prevent clogging pores, and therefore to prevent acne breakouts. Do be fooled, though; these cosmetics can still cause makeup related acne breakouts.

Proper skin care prevents breakouts

Don’t go for harsh chemical treatments to heal your sensitive skin. The more extreme the acne, and the more sensitive the skin, the worse these treatments will make your skin condition. The chemicals in them will irritate and dry out your skin, and will make your skin even redder than before. You may even experience new breakouts!

Instead of harsh acne treatments, select a skin cleanser for sensitive skin. It should be soothing and gentle. Don’t scrub your skin with the cleanser; instead, rub your cleanser into a foam and work the lather into your skin. Splash your face to rinse the cleanser of your skin instead of scrubbing it clean. Any harsh, scrubbing motion will irritate your skin, create new redness, and worsen any breakouts you are experiencing.

Always, always moisturize

This bears repeating. Moisturizer is the best friend of sensitive skin. You may think that because you are prone to acne breakouts, moisturizing your skin will cause more breakouts. You couldn’t be more wrong. Consistent moisturizing is one of the best things you can do for your sensitive skin. Use an oil free moisturizer to soothe your sensitive skin and minimize dryness and redness.

Hydration will do wonders for your skin. Even drinking more water can help! If your skin is acting up, you may want to try a facial mask. Focus on using natural ingredients that will not irritate your skin. Things like avocado and oatmeal provide an easy, cheap way to nourish your skin. Follow the same guidelines for choosing a facial mask as you did with selecting your make up and skin care regimen. These tips will allow you to clear up your acne and make sure that your breakouts diminish in the future.