How to Maintain Great, Healthy Curls

Your hair is beautiful, and you couldn’t love your curls more, but sometimes you struggle with maintaining your curly hair. It’s natural to be confused – curly hair doesn’t behave the way straight hair does, and caring for it and maintaining your curls can seem like endless work. Never fear – you can learn how to style curly hair and maintain your curls in a few easy steps.

How to Wash Curly Hair

Washing your hair may seem simple – apply shampoo, wash daily. But washing curly hair isn’t that simple, and there are many approaches to keeping your hair healthy and looking its best. Some textures should only be washed once a week, while others actually do require a daily wash. If you don’t maintain your curls correctly, you may suffer from dandruff, scalp irritation, and dry, frizzy hair.

Thick, Tight, Curly Hair

Thick hair and tight, curly hair should not be shampooed more than once a week. You’ve probably noticed that your hair doesn’t feel dirty that often, and that’s because it is producing the right amount of oils to keep it healthy. Washing it too often will dry it out and make it unmanageable.

Medium Curls

For those with medium curls, shampoo every few days. To keep your curls looking their best, use the water washing methods between shampooing. This means that you should massage your scalp under water, with no cleaners or soaps.

Fine Curls

Finally, curly hair that is fine should be washed every day. Oils build up quickly and make this kind of hair lie lank and flat against your head if you don’t keep it clean. While you avoid excess oil, it is still possible to dry your hair out, so use a good conditioner or hair oil to keep your locks healthy and shiny.

Styling Your Curly Hair

You’ve probably heard that you should never brush your curls when they are wet or damp. This is because when you brush through your wet curls, you disrupt your natural curl pattern. The goal of healthy curls is to encourage natural clumping and coiling, and so disrupting this pattern can wreck havoc on your hair.

The best solution to this problem is to use your fingers, or, if you must, a wide toothed comb, to detangle and sort out your curls. This can be challenging if you have thick hair, but it isn’t worth damaging your curls just for a brush. It goes without saying that brushing your dry curls is even worse. You’ll only ruin the shape of your curls and risk breaking or damaging the strands.

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