A major trend for eye makeup right now is highlighting the inner corners of the eyes. This can be done with many different products. Some women apply product with a tiny concealer or lip brush while others use their fingers to press the product into the inner corners.  For those wishing to use a high quality brush, you can find a great selection of Makeup Brushes at Beauty and Hair Supplies.

It’s a gorgeous look, but it’s often difficult to make it last throughout the day. Here are our tips for looking bright-eyed all the live long day.

1. Apply a primer. When you’re applying primer to the lids, take the product down into the inner corner to create a base for the highlighting product to adhere to.

2. Apply a highlighting cream product. This can be a cream shadow or a highlight specific product. A cream product creates an additional layer of color and gives the powder product (which we’ll top this with) something to stick to. Gently dot this color onto the inner corners. It can be a gold, silver, white or any combination of the above. You can apply this softly or heavier depending on the look you’re going for. For a subtle look, opt for a soft gold, which creates a luminous look without appearing stark. If you want this to be a statement, reach for a bright white and press it generously onto the inner corners for a distinct look.

3. Set with a powder. Now this can be done with two products. If you do not want to add additional shimmer to the inner corner, set the cream with a translucent or skin-toned setting powder. This just adds a setting layer to the cream product, but does not enhance the product in any way. This should be a very light dusting. A simple flick of a fluffy eye brush in this area will do the trick. If you wish to add shimmer for a major bright look, set with a highlighting powder. Soft gold or ivory-colored shimmering powders work best, although a pink-toned shimmer highlighter can look amazing over white for going out at night.