Call them curling wands or clamp-free curling irons, the new craze to take the hair retail industry by storm are curling irons without a clamp. This is a technique many hairstylists were already using, so it was only a matter of time before a tool was developed for doing this at home.

Many African-American salons and Korean salons use heat stove curling irons without a clamp. The latest for home use are ceramic and come in various diameters. Slim wands create tight curls like country star Taylor Swift, while wide barrel wands create soft curls like the Kardashian sisters. Still stumped on how to use a curling wand? Check out the tips below before you heat up.  

- Wear a glove. This can be the glove the curling wand comes with or one you buy at a beauty supply store. Eventually you may not need the glove, but you will need it in order to get comfortable using a curling wand.

- Wind the curl in the direction you want it. You want to wrap the curl in the same direction you want the curl to fall. For example, if you’re curling the hair on the right side of the crown and want a look that’s flipped out and full of volume, wind the hair away from the face when wrapping it around the iron.

- Do not hold the hair on the wand too long. Ceramic irons get very hot. Ceramic also heats the hair and creates the curl far faster than other materials, so you do not need to hold the hair around the wand for long to lock in the style. Between 4-8 seconds should work for most hair, depending on the thickness of the hair.

- Brush through curls quickly. Curls created with a ceramic tool stick around longer than most. If you want to break up curls to loosen them and create waves, do so quickly after styling.