Buying a good hair dryer is an investment for anyone who does their hair at home (and that’s most of us). While it takes time to recreate that flawless salon quality blowout, having the right tools can help immensely. The best hair dryers are lightweight and have the latest technology that smooths the hair and adds shine as you dry. We’re no longer in a time where hair dryers severely damage the hair. These days the best hair dryers help your hair and do little damage when used properly.

1. Look for a dryer with various settings. You don’t always need to blast your hair with a high heat setting. If you’re working with damp hair, you may need a medium setting and hair that’s had more time to air dry can work for the lowest setting. The lowest setting is also useful when you’re styling only your bangs or any area directly at the hairline surrounding the face.

2. Think technology. The latest hair dryers have tourmaline and ionic technology. While these words may mean little to you, they mean great things for your hair. Both promote a smooth, shiny finish as you dry the hair. The type of air that comes from the dryer isn’t creating a frizzy effect on hair. It still takes some effort to style hair so it’s perfect, but both of these features make it far easier to achieve smooth hair when drying. The tourmaline technology also means faster drying. The top of the line tourmaline hair dryers can cut drying time in half, even for those with long, thick hair. Negative ions help the hair dry faster, even though the dryer is using less heat, which in the long run is better for your hair.