You’ve probably heard of the Brazilian Keratin Treatment sensation that’s sweeping the nation. Popular with celebrities and professional stylists, Brazilian Keratin Smoothing is a long-term treatment that will keep your curly or frizzy hair smoother and straighter for up to three months.

What is in Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Treatment? 

This hair smoothing treatment is naturally derived – not like those other chemical hair straightening treatments. The main component of the Brazilian Keratin Treatment is keratin protein, a natural protein already found in your hair. This treatment works on almost any type of hair, but it is important that you discuss the process with your stylist, just to make sure that any treatment you have already done will not react poorly with the keratin complex.

The keratin treatment takes 2-3 hours, but considering that most of us spend at least an hour getting a cut and blowdry, this shouldn’t be too much of a time commitment. Remember, by investing in the Keratin Smoothing Treatment, you’re saving hours and hours of time that you would normally spend at home straightening your hair on your own.

Is it safe?

This treatment is formaldehyde free, and doesn’t have any kind of nasty chemicals that will hurt your hair or your health. Be careful – some products out there do use harmful formaldehyde. That’s not the kind of chemical you want to be exposed to, let alone have worked into your hair! Be sure to ask for a natural, formaldehyde-free Brazilian Keratin Complex Treatment. Unlike other chemical treatments, the only thing working to make your hair flat and shiny is keratin. This protein, which is naturally derived from plants, works to protect your hair from further damage!

Why choose the Keratin Smoothing Treatment for your Hair?

It is gentle on your color treated, bleached, highlighted, or chemically processed hair, and will keep your beautiful tresses shiny, smoother and straighter, and soft for weeks and weeks. Keratin promotes healthy hair growth, and blocks the effects of humidity on each strand. It also prevents environmental toxins, like smoke, pollution, and ultraviolet rays, from destroying your luscious locks. The keratin complex will eliminate over 80 percent or more of your frizz, encasing each strand of hair in a protective protein casing.

Once you’ve gotten your Brazilian Keratin Treatment, you’ll be surprised at how manageable your hair becomes. You’ll be able to go out in all kinds of weather, even heat, humidity, or rain, and keep your smoother, straighter hair.

Keep in mind, whilst it is a small investment, you will be saving weeks of time and money that you would otherwise be using keeping your hair smooth, straight and manageable at home. Remember that the professional results you obtain through a hair smoothing treatment will be unmatched by anything you can obtain at home through conventional methods. It is gentle on your hair, unlike other harsh chemical treatments, and will make your hair softer and silkier than you have ever thought possible.

Don’t wait, try the Keratin Smoothing Treatment TODAY!