All About Braids

The warm weather means wearing hairstyles that keep hair up and off of the face and neck. The simple braid can become quite appealing when it’s humid out and you’re looking for a stylish way to style your hair. Consider the different types of braids. As with all hairstyles you want to mix it up to prevent your look from becoming boring.

1.       Fishtail braid. This is one of the most popular braids of the season and was first seen at the Alexander Wang runway show a few seasons ago. Since then, the fishtail braid has become a staple and for good reason. It works with both straight and curly hair. Don’t worry about getting the look perfectly smooth. A slightly mussed, undone look works for hanging out at the beach or by the pool. During warm weather it’s difficult for hair to stay completely smooth, so use a shine product to tame hair without weighing it down or creating a sticky feel. Fishtail braids work best when they’re on the opposite side of where the hair’s parted. For example, if you create a deep side part on the left side of the head, the fishtail braid should stream down the right side.

2.       The braid within a braid. This is a super simple braid hairstyle that nearly anyone can achieve in minutes. It involves braiding a piece of hair and then working that braid into a larger braid. This hairstyle is perfect for beginners who have limited experience with braids because it creates that same textured look of a fishtail braid, but requires a lot less skill. This is another braid that works with straight or curly hair and shows off highlights and lowlights beautifully.

3.       Waterfall braid. This braid is a style that looks sleek, but it can go casual or dressy. The waterfall braid is gorgeous for a spring or summer wedding, as well as a formal event when you want a romantic hairstyle that’s simple enough to do on your own. The waterfall braid can be completed part way, leaving the remaining hair loose and securing the braid with a pin. It can also continue into a conventional braid that gathers at the nape of the neck. The waterfall braid takes some practice, but overall is simple to achieve for those who are well-acquainted with the traditional French braid.