Emma Stone is a “makeup chameleon” and that is why we love her.  Her looks change according to her hair colour but she always looks effortless, not “dramatically made up” and she loves the use of liquid eyeliner to accentuate her eyes.

In this Tutorial, our ‘Emma Stone Recreation’ is a simple, elegant, romantic look.  We have used light pink/coral shades for the face and eyes, a slightly deeper pink for the lips and black liquid eyeliner, to make the eyes ‘pop’ a little.

This look works perfectly for those with light hair and paler complexions BUT can be easily adapted for those with darker complexions. It is all about selecting the right shades for your skin/eye/hair tones.

Stay tune for the release of our Kim Karadashian, J-Lo and Scarlet Johansson Recreations in January 2012!