Alfaparf Nutri Seduction Wearable Treatment

A Totally Seductive Wearable Treatment

So, my fiance Bree (who is soon to be my wife) was our “Hair Product Guinea Pig” again!

We recently put 22 inch, 100% Human Hair Extension in for her and whilst she loves the hair extensions, she wants to be sure that she looks after them so that they continue to look completely natural (there is nothing worse than poorly kept extensions!).  Whilst Shampoos and Conditioners are great, she wants added softness and the manufacturer suggests leaving a ‘wearable treatment’ in her hair.

She has been looking for a nourishing hair treatment that she can wear daily and leave-in without rinsing. 

Being the “Super Fiance” that I am, I have searched high and low and finally found an AMAZING Wearable Treatment!

The Alfaparf Nutri Seduction Wearable Treatment.

“Seduction” is the perfect word to describe this treatment.  One of my Stylists described the scent and the feel as “totally seductive” (actually, my Stylist called it ‘sexy’) and we agree completely.

The bonus is, you only need a small amount and because you don’t rinse it out, your hair will smell “seductive” until you next wash it!

Be aware, when you leave a Wearable Treatment in, when you blow dry your hair you will see Vapour that looks like steam/smoke come off the hair. Don’t panic, this is meant to happen BUT if there is too much vapour when you are drying it and your hair feels oily afterwards, it means next time, you should apply a little less!

Salon In Your Home Reviewer: Travis George (International Hair Stylist – 25 years)

Dec 1st 2011


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