Qaba Sulfate Free

A Natural Philosophy is at the heart of this Sulfate Free Hair Range

As a professional Hair Stylist the moment I saw the clear packaging on the qaba shampoo and conditioner, they had my attention!

As I read the bottles and saw the words Sulfate Free with Organic Avocado Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil and UV protection my curiosity had peaked.

With current trends pointing toward Sulfate Free and Organic Products, I felt this product had a place on my retail shelves and in my home.


So, I took some home to try on my fiance Bree.

The first thing I noticed was the texture of the product. The shampoo had a Gel like feel and it spread easily onto Bree’s scalp. I noticed that the hair was not lathering as I had experienced with other shampoos (which was different) but I later found out that this was because the shampoo was void of unnecessary sulfate that normally make hair lather. The most pleasing thing was the feel of the hair once I had rinsed it. The hair had a raw feel about it, it felt really clean and I could almost feel it squeak in my fingers.
Now it was time try out the conditioner.

Following their recommendation it was time to choose one of the huge range of qaba’s 100% pure & natural essential hair & scalp oils. Having experienced a peppermint conditioner in the past, I was excited to try the peppermint based Tyala Oil but of course I had to let Bree have the final say! She is a huge fan lavender and we were both curios about the combination of lavender and lime, so we settled on Zola. I applied three drops of the oil onto my palm and combined it with one pump of the qaba one conditioner. Let me say the aroma was overwhelmingly soothing and my first though went back to what I first read about the 100% pure & natural essential hair & scalp oils. How it nourishes the hair and scalp and penetrates into the hair shaft within 4 seconds, sounds innovative…
Once I had indulged Bree’s senses with a 2 minute head massage i placed a hot towel over her head and allowed her to relax. She commented on how easy it would be to do this herself in the future and how shampooing/conditioning her hair could also become a pampering session.

I wanted to see the result, so I rinsed the hair thoroughly and gently towel dried the hair.


The first thing I noticed was how raw the hair still felt. I could still hear it squeak in my fingers, this excited me, as it showed how different hair could be without sulfate! Now I wanted to dry the hair off properly so that I could see the shine.

Geez…..I was certainly not disappointed!

The hair dried off beautifully. Not only did the hair smell gorgeous as a result of the oils but it had a beautiful subtle shine and felt light and not weighed down (because there was no silicon).

I am convinced, I am an official sulphate free shampoo fan!

Salon In Your Home GURU: Travis George (International Hair Stylist – 25 years)

Nov 20th 2011




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