Edward Bess Compact Rouge

Edward Bess is one of the hottest cosmetics brands you can find on StrawberryNET.com and the blogosphere is buzzing about this year. The brand is a favorite of Oprah’s and he has many innovative products that make even the most experienced makeup junkie sit up and take note. 

Products for the lips and cheeks are nothing new, but this clever compact does stand out because of it’s packaging and performance. The Edward Bess Compact Rouge has staying power unlike any other cream product I’ve used.

Typically I set any cream product with a powder when using it on my cheeks and with an additional lipstick or gloss when wearing it on my lips. Lip products aren’t something I expect to last long, and on the lips this product does a decent job, but nothing amazing.

On the cheeks is where Edward Bess Compact Rouge really shines. Applied with the fingers or a synthetic brush, it’s easy to blend on the cheeks and leaves a very natural flush. Best of all, that flush stays put for hours. For those who are always busy and need their makeup to last, this is an awesome product that delivers.

Packaging – 8
Value – 7
Effectiveness – 9

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Salon In Your Home Reviewer: S. Cabrera

March 3rd 2012

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