Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Soft Matte Bronzer

For people like me with fair skin, obtaining a nice tan can be slim to none. However, there a few ways to work around the sun and still acquire a healthy glow. One way is to use a bronzer.  So, I searched for the best range of bronzers.

With the advent of facial bronzing powders a few years back, I was quick on the draw. Rather than use a liquid self tanner and wait for results, bronzers offer convenience as well as immediate satisfaction.

One excellent bronzer is Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess Soft Matte Bronzer. It comes in a convenient compact along with a little brush and is created to address all skin tones. After applying your make-up, this bronzer is the cherry on top of your beauty routine. Simply sweep on a few brushes, more for a deeper effect, and then blend.

What I particularly noticed about Estee Lauder’s version is that the bronzing effect is subtle and natural. Some bronzers can be overpowering or give a fake orange glare, but this particular bronzer creates an effortless glow.

After using this a few times, I was tricked into thinking that my skin was tanner than what it actually was. It’s that good!

Official Review

Packaging- 10 small and convenient

Price- 8 a little pricey, but very much worth it and from a great brand

Effectiveness- 10, if you’re looking for a nice glow, this is it!

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Salon In Your Home Reviewer: N.Cates

February 19th 2012

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