Benefit Dallas Face Luminizing Powder

Sometimes you want to glow and add warmth to the face in one swoop. Get it done fast with Benefit Dallas Face Luminizing Powder.

This is one of the infamous Benefit boxed blushes and it packs a deep bronzer and shimmer into one powder. This powder is finely milled, so it never cakes unless you pack way too much on.

Use a fluffy blush brush to dust this powder across the T-zone area and where the sun would naturally sit for an instant glow.

This is also a great powder for those who love overly exaggerated contouring. I’m not one to advocate piling on makeup, but sometimes exaggerated contouring is called for, whether it’s for a night on the town or a special event. Use a slimmer brush to contour the sides of the nose and the cheek bones for a major pop.

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Salon In Your Home Reviewer: S. Cabrera

February 8th 2012

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