MoroccanOil Moisture Repair Conditioner

Over the years I’ve learned that hair straightening is a terrible crime that some of us must do in order to achieve shiny, smooth locks. 

I’ve received the “evil eye” from my hairdresser many a time over the damage I’ve inflicted on my hair. Yet, one day she was pleasantly surprised at how healthy my hair felt. I attributed this to my discovery of MoroccanOil.

When I first started using this treatment, I was taken aback by how my hair instantly felt smooth and healthy after facing the straight iron. What I love about MoroccanOil is that it actually counteracts the damage inflicted on hair. While some products only cover up damage, MoroccanOil moisturises and repairs, improving hair’s condition with every use.

Not only is this product beneficial, but it’s also easy to use and has a light, sweet smell. You simply pump out a coin size amount and rub it between the palms of your hands, then use your fingers to comb it through your hair. Because I have longer hair, I sectioned off portions before adding the oil, and then ran a brush stroke through before straightening.

I may not have been blessed with frizz-free tassels, but MoroccanOil has a way of convincing people otherwise. Since finding this product, I can proudly say I now face my hairdresser guilt-free!

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Salon In Your Home Reviewer: N.Cates

January 30th 2012

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